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Did you think that we will need to have direct TV channel transfer, from the first domestic football league?


‘’I am a Romantic”-Action
 for (youngsters for sport- football), Return of the crowd on stadions football games)

 Game +Sport +Football= Healty Live
The sport football should influence more and more in the life of youngs all around the world. In basics it develops their physicall, abilities , but according the aspect of , a sport, sociology, it influence over the psyhological intellectual, moral cultural and social identity of young people who unfortunatlly are the last on the scale in R.Macedonia.
The purpose of this program (project)is simple but cruciall,meaning in the Sociaty-organized live in Republic of Macedonia.
Main idea is to join the youngsters from all entites in Macedonia. The sport activites are necessary for all human bodies. The Universal benefit for Mankind from the sport first begins since the birth of a baby, games they play affirmation of the youngs and compensation of the old.
The youngest-children and adolescents specially are attracted to sports. Usefull consequences of the football over the youngs is last psyhologicall development, way of behavior and way of live of the sports, as well as society characteristics.
Football shortly fasien  the motorical and spiritual development of the young people.Spiritaliy it has positive influence on the development of the character og young people:self controll of emotions,and ancsiosity;development of need motivation, moral  modes (conseccuencess, behavour, dignity,persistence wanted qualities(coverage, persistency, invitation)but also social behavior(optimisam,solidarity, ambiciousess).
Football also has direct influence on the way of living among young people, forming their own way of behavour and style, fun and commitment.
Shortly, the sport socializes young people, streng them their spirit identity and integrity.Also the sport-football is a factor that passes by the society crisis and conflicts(crisis  in school), conflict of generations, conformisam ,making free initiatives, usefull and fully-equall persons, members of societies.The most Significiant purpose is to build democratic unvice youth of European Republic of Macedonia which revolutionary will take the imperative and   role for organised life and company throught sport  activites, youth without prejeduce on religious, lingual, etnical, and other application.It is our duty to have a purpose to build Macedonian youth.




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Rabotnicki Kometal 46
Milano 36
Vardar 30
Pelister 28
Pobeda 28
Renova 25
Makedonia G.P. 24
Napredok 20
Sileks 19
Skendija 79 16
Cementarnica 13
Baskimi 11
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